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Sungmin's Diary - Chapter 2

Title: Sungmin's Diary
Pairing: KyuMin, HenMin, Past!QMi, SeoKyu, EunHae, YeWook, HanChul
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: Romance, Angst
Summary: What will you do, if you suddenly found out that you’ve already fallen into a guy, whose already has a girlfriend, and your best friend is his ex who’s still not over him? 

Chapter 2 - Turned down~ down ~ down

….I’m done moping pinky, but apparently this pang of my heart wouldn’t just gone with the wind.

Oh, you want to know what happened? Fine, I’ll tell you.

Kyuhyun, that jerk, still acted sweet when we’re on the way to the sushi bar that Hangeng had booked to celebrate our successful 1st charity event.

We were there, he took a seat beside me, I busied myself to the bitching Mimi because she was kind of upset with Yunho for making her designer scarf fly away and he didn’t even bother to catch it. Mimi took a seat beside me too, snatched Kyuhyun away in the process. I let out a small whimper of protest. She started to complain about Yunho’s behavior, and comparing it all with the sweet act of Kyuhyun. Of course, when Kyuhyun WAS hers. Oh my, pinky I sound like a bitch here right? But really, it’s hurt when actually you’re struggling to win over someone’s attention, when your friend blabbed all the attention she gained from that particular person :(“You know babe, that Yunho King of gangstah didn’t even ask how much that scarf cost! Oh my, it’s LV’s latest collection for Loubutin’s sake! I don’t know if that motorcycle of his cost as much as my beloved lost scarf. Why does he didn’t have Kyuhyun’s behavior? He gave me fresh from the runway’s collection coat regularly on our monthsary!!”

I bite my inner cheek. I admit it; I was envied her at the moment. Really.   

“Remember that Ahra unnie works as a fashion commentator, Mimi?” I managed to say.

Yes, pinky. Ahra unnie is a famous fashion commentator. No wonder she’d get nice things easily from those designers for bribing her not too harsh on them. Kyuhyun just stole them, maybe. Not that Ahra unnie care anyway, she has her own style. So Mimi just nod, shrugged it off and changed the topic

“by the way Sungmin-ah, I noticed that you were too close with Kyuhyun lately. What happened?” her eyes squinted.

“Don’t talks shit Mimi, he was just being friendly”

“as if being sweet? I noticed the way he hold on you when you two were crossing the street you know”

great, pinky. Mimi was throwing her suspicion at me.

“It’s nothing Mimi! Really. Did you suspect me? Remember that I have Henry right?”

I don’t want her to discover my feelings….yet. At least not until I discussed it with Heechul. Zhou Mi is kind of hard to deal with. And to talk with Eunhyuk…. Well she’s too dense sometimes. And naïve, too.

“Sometimes nothing ends up deeper than nothing Minnie. And you know, Henry is far away in Canada. Well, I believe that you’re not the type of boyfriend stealer. Just to know that I’m not over him...yet” she said bitchily.

It pained my heart so much, pinky. I swear that she has a tongue of blade. I’m so hurt by her words that I had to excuse myself. I’m cried in the comfort room. I’d never thought that one of my best friends could threaten me so much.  I was done crying when I met Kyuhyun in the hallway; he was on the phone with someone. I accidentally overheard their conversation.

“Yes, Seo-seo my sweetie, I had fun. Of course it doesn’t as much fun as when I’m with you… yes I’m in the car alone. I wish you were with me seo-seo baby, I miss you too. I’m in the sushi bar now. If you were here maybe I’ll feed you some. Take care baby I love you..”

the thing that startled me was when he said that he was alone in the car. So I’m invisible to him now? Then what the meaning of those sweet acts just now? Is it his way to treat girls? I’m sure he is not the kind who treats girl right. I’ve known him long enough to identify that he is just another type of mean guys. This type of guys, I know if their planted their object of affection, will showed it right away. Well, just like what he did to me while ago. At least,that was I thought.

I don’t know pinky. He was just like raising my hope into the cloud nine and then throe it to the core of the earth by that statement of his. It was like he slapped me so hard on the cheek; that I’m just insignificant thing in front of him. I wonder what he wants from me anyway, playing with my heart that way. I just don’t get it pinky.

The ride home was totally disaster. I was silent, still hurting by Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun’s word. Plus the confusion, that clouded my heart that moment. And Kyuhyun were on the telephone, shouting and stuff to Seohyun. I didn’t get it, just like 20 minutes ago; they were so sweet to each other. And the next time I noticed, they were shouting at each other. The climes was when I asked Kyuhyun whether we can stop by a convenience store because I had to buy my mom a lamp, she texted me that my room’s lamp went dead

“K-Kyu-Kyuhyun, can we drop by Circle K? I need…to buy something” I stuttered because really, it was scary to face the angry Kyuhyun. Even though I didn’t know what made him so angry. He turned his car to the convenience store harshly then pull the brakes harshly too, I was nearly bumped my head to the dashboard.

“Go” he said softly. I dashed out to the store.

When I enter the car after bought the lamp, I found Kyuhyun cursing and hitting the dashboard. I ask him what wrong immediately

“K-Kyuhyun? W-What’s wrong?” he stared at me, and then shouted

“Tell me, noona. AM I A BAD BOYFRIEND?” he never called me noona, not even once. He once told me that he considered me as one of his dongsaeng.

“I-I don’t know? Kyuhyun, I’m not your girlfriend” I stuttered, still shocked with his temper. “JUST TELL ME SUNGMIN-AH!!” he gripped and shook my shoulders,

“think about it sungmin noona. Am I a bad boyfriend?” he said in a low voice, and started his car.

“Mmmm...No?” I answered him hesitantly.

“THEN WHY THIS IS STILL HAPPENED???” he exploded, shoving his cell phone to me. It was showing the message from Jino, his brother. With a picture attached to it.

From: Jino

Hyung, is this noona your girlfriend? Then why did her with other men? Kissing? Are you broke up with her?

The picture attached showed Seohyun, and the guy I identified as Jung Yonghwa, our school’s band vocalist and guitarist. Kissing on the merry-go-round ride in the amusement park. I gaped at the picture, still not believing it.

“So tell me, sungmin ah. Am I a bad boyfriend? Zhou Mi left me with other man too...” he stared straight to the road.

“I... don’t ask me about it, Kyuhyun. I’ve never been your girlfriend. And I’m not your girlfriend, too. How should I know?” I sighed.

“THEN BE MY GIRLFRIEND DAMMIT!” he hit the steer wheel once again.

“Kyuhyun... you can’t be serious”  

“What if I’m serious?” he stared deeply through my eyes.

“I...I...Don’t...” then he cut me off without finishing my sentence


I was so hurt by that statement.

“Kyu...you can’t...” then he cut me off again.

“We’re here, noona. Your home. I don’t want to hear pitiful rejection words from you. I told you I’m not serious. I love Seohyun too much”

I left his car, hurt. Slamming my door so harshly with anger.I hate him, pinky. I hate him for making my life so miserable. I cried much here, can’t think anything beside those hurtful words.

Little did he knows, I do. I do want to be his girlfriend. Even if he just playing with me.I’m hopeless.

Yes, I’m hopeless. A hopeless – pathetic - boyfriend stealer - bitch. I’m sorry, Mimi, Henry, Kyuhyun :(

A/N: Comment please :3 oh I'm still lacking at writing angst but I'm trying thou... I hope it doesn't confuse you :D~~

Sungmin's Diary - Chapter 1

Title: Sungmin's Diary
Pairing: KyuMin, HenMin, Past!QMi, SeoKyu, EunHae, YeWook, HanChul
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: Romance, Angst
Summary: What will you do, if you suddenly found out that you’ve already fallen into a guy, whose already has a girlfriend, and your best friend is his ex who’s still not over him? 

Chapter 1 - Tables are turned, and turned again

Dear diary,

God really knows how to raise his people’s hope and then turned it 180 degree to the state of despair.

Today, I went to the charity event that my choir group holds. We’re doing a social work to some orphanage and kid’s hospital. I don’t know whether god just loves me too much or I’m much a sinner that deserves to be tortured. Yes, pinky. My other pinky (that’s my car, don’t mock me because I’m not creative, I just LOVE pink) is being repaired in the garage, so I have to ask Zhou Mi for a lift. Unfortunately, she can’t. She said that she have to helped Yunho with all the logistic thingy. This is kinda suspicious, since she didn’t want anything heavy get in touch with her precious-nail-art-ed-nails. Yes, I dug out more information from her. Guess what? The motive is, a long lost love. Meh. I can’t ask Eunyuk too, she was busy being all lovey dovey with her brand new sweetheart, Donghae. And Heechul… well, she’s just being Heechul. Charity events is never her world (well, except there were Hangeng there, she’ll voluntarily being the nicest angel there) so there, I stuck with useless best friends, with no lift being offered to me. Apparently I just want to withdraw from this event, if it’s not for Kyuhyun patted my shoulder, raising his eyebrows in a playful manner, and ask me “care for a lift?” with his ever infamous smirk. Oh, gosh, pinky you know what? I couldn’t feel my legs at the moment. Looks like its transform into a jelly or something and melted right away. All I could do is nod.

So when the event comes, I stuck in Kyuhyun’s car, and it’s only us both. No one joined his car because he told them not to. Oh, holy Kyuhyun’s authority, only matched by Hangeng, the club’s president. Since Kyuhyun was his cousin, it doesn’t matter to him. And it’s not like the people care, too. They already had their own transportations. So there I was, nervous to death, trying to cover my feeling as deep as I can and acted as casual as friends should be. “Hey, you’re gorgeous today Min” he suddenly blurted out. “Ah? Haha Thanks, not like I don’t aware of it anyway” I tried to cover up my nervousness by being all narcissistic and witty every time he talked to me. “Geez, you narcissistic girl” he managed to said. And then….silence. It was an uncomfortable silence in the car, until Kyuhyun decided to turn the radio on. The awkward silence breaks when he got a call from Hangeng, he wanted to check on me and made sure that his cousins didn’t do anything evil to his girlfriend’s beloved best friend. He said to Hangeng that he won’t do anything bad to me and treated me kindly like I’m the most precious thing in the world (of course with that much of sarcasm and those were said only to stop Hangeng from calling him once every two minutes because Heechul told him so) and yes, I’m happy because the awkward silence was broke off, after the call Kyuhyun was mocking me and told me that I was momma’s girl (he told me that Heechul was far more ahjumma-ish than my mom, so he’d call Heechul my momma)  and nags that he sure he’ll get a nagger sister in law if Hangeng continued his relationship with Heechul. I just smiled at him with an amused looks in my face, holding my hands to smacks him right in his head because really, he speaks too much.

And there was a traffic jam, we both felt really bored and hot because the sun was cruel, it ends up with Kyuhyun walked out of the car, decided to buy us ice creams to cool out our head. “What flavor do you want, Sungmin?” he asked me. “Strawberry, if you don’t mind, I’d like to have a Popsicle” he just nodded, and said “sweet. That’s suits you anyway” before he rushed towards the store across the street.  The traffic was still jamming when Kyuhyun got back to car. It made us have time to finish our ice cream. “Here, you have some in your chin” Kyuhyun said while wiped my chin with a tissue. I froze right away. Oh god, pinky how dare he did that to me? Didn’t he know about my dilemma all along? Oh, wait….he doesn’t. He is completely oblivious of the situation… or should I say my situation right now. After that short-he-was-oblivious-sweet-moment guess what? Yes, we went further. Because the traffic jam is still being a bitch, we decided to go whoring at his brand new Polaroid camera. I know that Kyuhyun had always had a thing with photography, but I wouldn’t think that he would buy a Polaroid camera, the Hello Kitty one of that. “What a cutie” I said to him, earning an odd look from him. “The camera, Kyuhyun-ah. Oh, Hello Kitty!!” I mused. “Shut up, this was Seo-seo’s anniversary gift to me” I immediately feel nauseated at the word seo-seo and anniversary. God! He called the bitch with unbelievably cute name. It doesn’t suit her personality and I don’t think it’s cute anyway, knowing that she is the owner of the cute name. And God, did that bitch even has a brain? She and Kyuhyun weren’t reached their first anniversary…yet (and I don’t hope it would last THAT LONG anyway) Nah, now I envying that worthless bitch. Oh, I feel so pathetic. Yes, you’re pathetic, Lee sungmin! Unrequited love plus endless best friend dilemma is hurt. Enough said.Thanks god that we had already finished our photo-session that time. If wasn’t, maybe I’ll have those bitchy face all over my photos. I’m quite sure that if Seohyun find this, she’ll be more than willing to kill me. He handed me some of our photos, I admitted that I’m quite cute at those photos. I promise I’ll keep them in my private places and inside you of course, my pinky <3 and I’ll keep Zhou Mi’s hand away. And maybe Heechul’s too, since she was betrayal-haters but maybe she can understand my problem. I don’t know, thou.

Nothing significant happened at the event’s place since I busied myself with Zhou Mi. she was being a chatterbox and blurted her experience about her first time riding a motorcycle and nagged about the slavery that Yunho did to her. But she was still flashing a radiant smile to Yunho, thou.  I wonder how the spoiled brat like her could fell into the all masochists Yunho. Besides, he kinda looks like a leader of a gangster despite his gentle voice and powerful dance (just…gangster didn’t dance, okay? And it wouldn’t fit in my wildest imagination) and to think that she isn’t over Kyuhyun….I wonder.

 I thought nothing significant happened until I remembered this. I was wearing a slightly back-revealing top today, and of course, it would attract some men over me. I didn’t bring any jacket that time, when one person annoyed me and being too close with me, Kyuhyun, with all his might pulling me and gave me his blazer (so sweet that I somehow felt like I’m in a drama) and whispered this to me “don’t you dare to wear this top without any jackets on. I hate those people practically drooling over you” his mouth was so close with my face that I thought I was dying right away. Being a jelly again, I just nodded. He then brought his arms into my shoulders, helped me cross the street because he knows I can’t. And when a car nearly bumped me, he pulled me immediately and hugged my waist, whispering “I’m sorry min, my bad. Just, be more careful okay? I’ll protect you” I just melted again. We came across the street; Zhou Mi gave me a certain looks. I know what that meant, what was that? It was once my property, girl friend you were being too close to him I just nodded, not wanted any scene and of course, to keep my friendship with her. Because I’m naïve like that, to think that friendship is number one. Kyuhyun, once again, just oblivious to all what happened. He continued to being a sweetie to me.

…..those sweet acts ended when we had our dinner. It just shattered my heart into pieces. And once again, I realized that I’m pathetic to hope something from him. Be right back after crying, pinky :(

A/N: Comments are loved! oh this chapter is unbetaed, but will be betaed immediately ^^ I'll tell you all if you want to read it with proper grammar. :)
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Sungmin's Diary - Prologue

Title: Sungmin's Diary
Pairing: KyuMin, HenMin, Past!QMi, SeoKyu, EunHae, YeWook, HanChul
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: Romance, Angst
Summary: What will you do, if you suddenly found out that you’ve already fallen into a guy, whose already has a girlfriend, and your best friend is his ex who’s still not over him?

Hello new diary, I’m Sungmin. Yeah I just bought you because my old pinky diary ran out of page.

August, 13, 2011

Dear diary, sometimes God just won’t let anything go smoothly. Even for the most perfect plan humans have ever made. And it all happens to my love life. Well, fuck.

I’m not the prettiest girl on earth. Nobody will agree on it. But let’s just say, I’m quite content with my own looks, despite the imperfections here and there. The last time I felt loved was long time ago. You know what? Now I even feel disgusted of myself, I feel very pathetic. I started to envy the girls who looked like they had found their so-called-love of their lives (even though in my opinion, it’s far, far, away from it) because they seemed so happy, so loved (at least Eunhyuk, Heechul and Mimi seemed giddy all the time) . Not that I don’t have someone to share, but really, having your best friend turned into your boyfriend is a little awkward, let alone we’re now having a long distance relationship. Oh don’t you know that I and Henry have been dating for some time now? But Henry moved to Canada We even live in different continents, with 11 hours time difference. The ironic fact is, I still feel lonely. Yes, and that’s the main point. I’m a lonely bitch.. I don’t want myself to turn into a cheat, because cheating has never been my cup of tea. But boy, loneliness sucks up my pride… I have known that since I first noticed myself turning into a flirting whore compared to my initial self.
But I guess I haven’t turned into a complete flirt. I don’t want to lose my pride. I’m this kind of girl; I have nothing else to defend except my pride. And my confidence.

Ironically, I do blab about confidence when I have none of it when it comes to self-loving.
It’s simple, I feel unloved.

P.S: I’mma telling you something. It’s secret. What would you do, if you suddenly found out that you’d already fallen into a guy, who already had a girlfriend, and your best friend’s his ex who’s still not over him? I found out that I had a crush towards Kyuhyun… my hoobae in the choir team. He’s Mimi’s ex, for God’s sake! Moreover he’s dating Seohyun now. People know how much she doesn’t like to share her ‘property’. But really, Kyuhyun attracts me so much. I kinda feel bad for Henry now. What am I doing, dear pinky? (Yes, your name is pinky now. Don’t say I’m not creative. I just love pink)

I’m not the type who can happily ignore my friend’s agony for my own happiness. I’m not a dementor, let alone a backstabber.
People may advise me to forget it; I have tried, because it actually hurts seeing the one you adore so much does not even bother to look at you for a second. And I don’t have enough guts to betray my friend and start flirting properly.
Oh, have I told you that ‘he’ is younger than me? That makes me more pathetic, isn’t it? Just one year but still…

……..I just can’t forget this feeling and sunk it to the deepest part of my brain so it never pops out again.

Sadly, (maybe) I’ve fallen too deep.

A/N: Should I continue it? Comments are loved :* 

thanks for beta-ing Calie :D

End of Story

Title: End of Story [sequel to Little Prank]
Pairings: KyuMIn, ninja!EunHae
Length: One shot
Angst, Romance
Genderswitch, English name for Kyuhyun and Sungmin
PG-15 (for cursing)
Summary: what happens after the 'prank' done by Vinny

Prequel here!

Vinny rushed herself to the ward, Marc must be waiting for long, she sighed in defeat. but it was the consequence though. she's still human, anyway. and she feel guilt.

She dragged Eunhyuk and Donghae in to Kyuhyun's ward. however, she was still afraid to face him one-on-one. Marc was there, sitting on his hospital bed rather than resting.
"why don't you rest?" Vinny barked. "well it's not like I'm going to die or whatever. and why do you care?" Marc replied flatly.
"you're not fine Marc! rest. now" Vinny stated "So tell me, Who's idea it was? the prank" Marc raised his eyebrow, not mending Vinny's statement.
Eunhyuk and Donghae were staring each other, confused, whether they'd told him the truth or not. then Vinny cut the silence "It's mine. you know? revenge is sweet. but I know I went overboard. If only I knew you're a claustrophobic, I wouldn't run that plan. but still, I'm going to take my revenge"

Marc chuckled, "why the hell are you taking those prank so seriously? they're all just tease, Vin! just a fucking tease"
Vinny hissed "then your fucking teases had successfully chewing my pride, Marc"
"pride, that's your problem, Vin. you're having such a high pride to notice me" Marc sighed
"not noticed you? how come you be the unnoticeable person? you're goddamn famous president of the student council and a skilled heart breaker. I'm tired of those killer stare your ex-es and your fan girl gave, Marc! And I'm tired of swallowing my own jealousy over your ex-es" She let her deepest secret spilled, her only secret that she, is actually in love with her annoying president.
"I did those pranks to you is because I fucking love you, Vin. I tried so much to made you notice my feelings. and I don't think it'll end up like this"
Vinny's eyes widened. not believing of what she just heard. "is it true Marc? is it a prank? or a revenge for me?"
"it's true Vin. I love you. and I'm sorry for the killer stare. you'll never get it back. I'll clear them all" Marc smiled
Vinny smiled shyly "I tend to hold grudges, you know. you silly bastard. you have chosen a wrong plan"
"well I guess, but as long as I get what I want, it's not a big deal" Marc smiled, and hold her hand
"anyway, how could you stops those killer stare your fan girl gave me? I might get slaps for dated you" Vinny leaned against Marc chest. He stoked her hair playfully "I don't know. still working on that plan. by your side every time and kissing in the school's corridors in front of them maybe?" he let out a mischievous smile
"you cheesy pervert"


A/N: kekekeke I know this is fail. but don't be a silent reader please! I love your comments :)

Little Prank

Title: Little prank
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Length: Drabbles
Rating: PG-13
Genre: slight!crack, slight!angst
Summary: revenge is sweet. too sweet it can kill
Warning: Genderswitch, English name for KyuMin (kyuhyun is marc sungmin is Vinny)
A/N: random #tweetfics from my twitter acc. well better post it here 

Vinny walked out from the school board's meeting angrily. She's being pissed off by Marc, the president of the student board
Then her phone beeped, a text.
From: Marc.
Yo Vinneh~ it's pretty irresponsible leaving the board that sudden. Image, bunny. Image

Vinny sighed. For the nth time she doesn't know what to do. Marc had shame her in front of the dean of the school and he still acted all innocent
Pissed off, she called Marc "what do you want now, punk?! I've already lost my image there" 
"just go back here, no one cared about your image anyway" Marc managed to reply it calmly. As usual. 
"not in the million times, cho!" Vinny spatted
"your million times ends tomorrow, I bet"

Vinny hunged up. She surely should take a revenge over her bossy little superior. She smirked, imagined her victory.
 "first, I need Donghae"
Then she went to Hyukkie's home, her bff. She knews excatly that that fish would be sticking up like a twins-in lips-with her besties.
She ringed the house's bell. Eunhyuk's confused face welcomed her "I thought you have a meeting with the school board?" Eunhyuk asked confusedly.
she shrugged her shoulder "I left it. Now I need your boyfriend" she answered it way too calmly. "what for?" "revenge. For Marc the asshole" Eunhyuk rolled her eyes.
"Fishyy.. Vinny wanna have some talk with yoou" Eunhyuk called her boyfriend "wazzup pretty?" donghae gave her his killer smile.
Oh, Vinny knows excatly how to deal with Donghae. He is sure a player, a seductive one. But he is practically dumb. For his fetish to aliens. and that, is exactly her point.
She put an urgent tone in her voice "H..Hae..I think aliens have invading our school" Donghae's eyes popped in excitement "how? When? Who?"
"I don't know how! It's just then when I have a meeting with student board, an UFO was flying over the school and an alien took over Marc!" Now Vinny said it with a (fake) paniced tone. "I told you alien's exist! Oh what should we do now" Donghae paniced "I have read the way to get rid of alien if they took over your body is measure your weakness so your soul can be reacted! Now I need to know Marc's weakness!" she told him her main point. yes, Marc's weakness.
"elevator! Marc is afraid of elevator!" Donghae yelled in frustation "but how can I bring him there? He is scared!" "just kiss him! He won't know!" Vinny gulped. "k..Kiss him? There isn't another way?" Donghae chuckled "no. It's the only way to make him absorbed and unaware. since he is kind of player" Donghae smirked. "oh look who's talk. anyway, thanks fish" Vinny then left hyukkie's home.
In a flash, Vinny have had a plan in her brain. She goes back to school, gave the security a lil sedative, and wait outside the meeting room with the control room's key in her pocket. Luckily, the meeting room is right beside the elevator so Vinny finds it is a relief, she wouldn't kiss him too long.
5 minutes later, the meeting dismissed. Once the dean have all out, Vinny called Marc. "Marc..I want to talk with you. Can you?" he smirked,"sure, bunny" Vinny tugged his collar and kissed him. "I know you always atracted to me" Marc smirked victoriously. "watch and see honey" she replied in a dangerous tone
Vinny kept kissing him while dragging him into the elevator. Just like Donghae said, he seems tranced. Once they safe in the elevator, Vinny excused herself. Being in trance Marc is, he just nods when Vinny exit the elevator leaving him, alone. Vinny hurriedly stops the elevator in between two floor so then Marc trapped. She eyeing him from the control room, he was regaining his conciousness and start to panic.
He pressed the 'call' button and the mic in the control room activated. "mr security? I think I'm trapped in the elevator" Marc paniced.
"there's no mr. Security, Marc. I can see you're scared now. Oh, I record this, mr. President" Vinny's mocked voice echoed all over the elevator. "what the hell Vin?! Lemme outta here!" he banged his fists to the elevator wall
"the hell is you, Marc. I'll release you if you beg for my apologize. You've been playing with me too much. Now beg!" she really sounds evil now. "what the fuck Vin! They're just pranks!" Marc added in frustation
"well this is a prank too, baby" Vinny replied calmly
"stop this shitty games for god's sake Vin I can't breath!"
She hissed "stop searching for sympathy! I'm just..." before she could continue on what her saying, suddenly the electricity went off.
right when it's off, her phone beeped a text.
From: Donghae
Oh, don't keep him too long in the elevator, Vinny bunny. he's a claustrophobic.
Damn. Marc is a claustrophobic, and now he trapped there. she thought. she know exactly how it feels. because she was a claustrophobic once.
"Oh no! he's going to die there. he couldn't breath. oh my he is really couldn't breath" She frowned in panic.
ïf only I didn't take this silly revenge" she mumbled, still paniced she is guilty for sure. She ran into the elevator and tried to barged in but couldn't. She cried in frustration and mouthing 'I'm sorry Marc' over and over. Just then, the electricity back. She ran back to the control room and functioned the elevator back.
Then she ran again to the elevator to save Marc. When she opened the elevator door, she found Marc lying unconcious and still panting hard
"oh god Marc I'm so sorry I don't know you're a claustrophobic" she said in between her sobs "it's okay It's fun right? seeing me like this?" he said in a weak voice
"Marc!" she cried.
A/N 2: I'm such an asshole to end it cliffhanging. but well, bear with me tee hee/slaps

Mochi and his Cherry

Title:  Mochi and his Cherry
Pairing:  Henry/ reader/ OC (me!)
Length: Drabbles
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Random
Summary: 2 foreigners in one dorm. Plus one Korean dorks. What do you expect?
Warning: UN-BEATED, random
A/N: dedicated for @henrylau89. Celebrating he is on trending topics J

“Henry!” I shouted, he turned his head back.

“Yeah?” he throws his smile. Oh god. So shining.

“Would you be home early tonight?” I asked him, half hoping. He gave me his apologetic smile

 “Sorry, can’t. I still have violin class today after 7PM. It is okay, cherry?” oh god. Oh god. He called me cherry! I love the nickname he use to called me. It’s like I’m his source of sweetness. Cherry is sweet? Don’t they?

“Well it’s okay then. But you know I’ll be lonely at home tonight” I pouted.

“You have Kyu to accompany you, don’t you?” he raised an eyebrow

“You think I can have a conversation with him? Seems like he is marrying his laptop” oh yes, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with him. Since he is Korean, and too dorks. Me and Henry using English as our first language, because we three are scholarship student so poof! We live in the same apartment.  I’m majoring in law, Henry in music while Kyuhyun in Math (oh yes, he is a nerd) the thing that everyone doesn’t know is.. I’m in a relationship with Henry. I used to like Kyuhyun, but yeah, he is taken. By his laptop.  Actually, we are prohibited by our sponsors to be in a relationship during our program. But hey, who can stop love? So we should keep it as a secret.

I arrived at home. It’s strangely quiet. Kyuhyun is always playing starcraft in the living room. But he isn’t home. Suddenly I got text from Kyuhyun

From: Kyuhyun

I wouldn’t be home tonight. Got some business to do

Great, I’m here alone in this scary night. I immediately text my mochi

From: Cherry <3

Mochii… Kyu wouldn’t be home tonite. And it’s scary here. Be home asap!

But the positive side is… Kyu’s gone. We can do PDA in our home gyahahahahaha *evil laugh* shortly, I got a reply message from my mochi

From: Mochi <3

I’ll go home immediately! What do you want for dinner?

Of course, I replied it directly

From: Cherry <3

Okay, hurry up please I’m scared! Ah for dinner, pick anything! But Pizza is preferable

I decided to watch some DVDs to kill time. But when I switched the TV on, the electricity suddenly went out. I squeaked, and rolled myself on the couch. Trying hard not to cry. I tried to call Henry but no answer. So I guessed he still have a class. So I just shut my eyes and covering my mouth with the oxygen can since the darkness made me difficult to breath. Henry called me. I answered it. I want to speak but none of words came from my mouth.

“You called me more than 10 times. What happened?”  He asked me in worried voice.

“The electricity went. Off. It’s dark” he knows that I have a phobia to the darkness

“Babe is you alright?” his worried voice asked me. I didn’t answer his question, it’s so much dark so I just shut my eyes and drifted to sleep.

I was already sleeping when he came home. He woke me up.

“Cherry, baby.. Wake up. You need to eat” knows that I’m still in the darkness, I shook my head.

“Hey it’s alright.. I’m here, right? You have nothing to afraid of” he put me on his embrace. I feel slightly better. But still, the darkness made me hard to breath. He finally reports the electricity problem to the management, and then we took a walk to the park.

“You scared me to death” he said while we are walking. Kissed the top of my head. I buried my hed on his chest.

“I’m sorry, but really. I was panicked and afraid and the darkness made me hard to breath and you know how afraid I am―” I’m not done talking yet when he put his finger on my lips.

“Ssh.. I know, but you’re better now, don’t you?”  I nodded, still amazed.

“Is the electricity fixed now?” I gave hi9m my puppy eyes look

“It supposed to…yes. Let’s go home. I bought you pizza” he patted my head

I smiled brightly. “Thank you mochi”

He caressed my cheek, and sighed in relief “You know? I’m kinda relieved that kyu wasn’t home when the electricity went out”

My eyes got bigger. “What?! So you happy to know that I’m helpless, huh?” he laughed. God, how cute my mochi is.

“Nuh-uh” he shook his head. “ I just can’t imagine my cherry bumped into that dork hug him searching for help”  aww. So he is jealous? But still, he do it in a cute way

I smiled brightly “that’s why I love you, mochi”

the end



Title: - (untitled)
Author: fallenrain25
Pairing: Kyu-Rin Gik-Hye !broken: Hye-New Hye-sung
Genre: Romance, Drama,crack
Rating: PG – 13??

Seo Rin’s POV

Ya tuhan! Jam 9 malam! Apa kata ibuku kalau ia tahu aku masih di sekolah semalam ini? Aku pun bergegas membereskan barang-barangku dari ruang redaksi. Ugh, majalah sialan. Kalau saja si reporter childish itu nggak sakit, aku nggak akan begadang sampe semalam ini di ruang redaksi. Lihat saja kau, Yang Yoseob, ku cincang kau jadi 23 bagian kalau besok gak mau membagikan majalah ke seluruh sekolah! Sekitar sekolah sudah mulai gelap. Aku mengutuk diriku sendiri. Ugh, kenapa aku gak minta jemput Gikwang oppa saja? Hmm~ ide bagus Seorin! Aku mengeluarkan handphoneku dari dalam tas ketika tiba-tiba seorang cowok (nampaknya lebih muda dari aku, anak smp sepertinya) menodongkan cutternya ke leherku dan merenggut handphoneku.

“serahkan handphonemu dan uang yang kamu punya atauu…” ia makin mendekatkan cutternya ke leherku. Aku takut, sekaligus geli. Maksudnya apa sih, yang bisa dilakukan sebilah cutter pink nan imut itu?

“berani mengancamku, eh? Sebaiknya kau lihat dulu apakan benda yang kau pakai cukup mengancam atau tidak” walaupun gelap, aku bisa lihat mukanya memerah

“well.. eh terserahlah.. mak.. maksudku..noona.. beri aku uang!!”

“lempar cutter mu dulu” dia melemparkan cutternya dengan patuh. Dan tertunduk.

“kenapa kamu butuh uang? Terus kenapa malak?” aku berkacak pinggang di depannya. Oh, I love being superior..

“a..aku ketinggalan bus. Sekarang sudah terlalu malam, aku mau naik taksi..” katanya hampir menangis. Hmmph, lucu sekali loh mukanya. Malah tampak seperti anak SD. Aku jadi ingat taemin, adikku yang masih berumur 7 tahun.

“baiklah, siapa namamu? Rumahmu juga. Aku antar deh. Asal lain kali jangan nnodong orang pake cutter ATAU pisau..”

“aku Cho jino, rumahku di Itewon.. mianhaeyo noona.. habis aku gak tau lagi harus ngapain..”

Itaewon?! Kenapa dia bisa nyasar sejauh ini?! Ini kan daerah Gangnam. Kukira rumahnya di samseong-dong atau apa yang lebih dekat. Oke, aku minta jemput Gikwang oppa saja. Tapi handphoneku… oh yah masih ada di tangan si bocah Jino.

“please, bisa balikin HPku dulu nggak? Atau kamu gak pulang sama sekali” dia cepet-cepat menyerahkan HPku.

Everyday I’m shock.. Every Night I’m shock.. I’m sorry jebal….PIP Hah di reject?! Aduh gimana nih, okelah aku telpon Jinki saja. Mudah-mudahan dia bisa mengantar. Anyway, jinki itu sahabatku dari kecil~ sekali. Mungkin dari bayi. Ku dial nomornya

Noona neomu yeppeo… micheo…replay, replay, replay… “hhyaa..bu.se..yooo? seorin-ah, ada apa?” kata jinki dengan suara mengantuk. Oh, pasti bocah ini sudah tidur.

“Jinki ya~ tolong dong. Jemput aku di sekolah. Eh kalau bisa pakai mobil, jangan motor. Aku..harus mengantar..mm…sesuatu” mata si bocah jino membesar protes waktu aku menyebutnya ‘sesuatu’. Aku melempar pandangan –kunci-mulutmu-atau-kau-tidak-pulang- dan dia langsung diam.

“kenapa gak minta Gikwang hyung aja sih?” jinki protes

“di reject. Cepat datang sekarang. Atau besok bekal ayam gorengku kumakan sendiri”

“oke aku datang~~~”

  Tak lama kemudian, jinki datang dengan hyundai putihnya. Aku menyuruh jino duduk dibelakang. Mata jinki memperlihatkan rasa kagetnya

“kamu bilang ini sesuatu? Gak sopan!”

“well.. apaaja deh, toh sama-sama harus dianter”

“dasar. Hey bocah, halo! Kamu siapa? Sodaranya nenek sihir ini?”

“bukan, aku ditolong noona cantik ini gara-gara nyasar..”

“hah cantik? Masa yang be–“ “JATAH AYAM DIPOTONG!” sebelum jinki menyelesaikan kalimatnya, dia langsung diam mendengan ‘kalimat ancamanku’ dasar chicken freak!

“eh jinki, memangnya kamu tau kita kemana?”

“ke..rumahmu?” plak! Aku menepuk jidatku sendiri. Ya tuhaan… kenapa temanku fail semua siiih….

“ITAEWON! CEPAT MASUK JALAN TOL!” Jinki membanting stirnya daann… kita menabrak mobil orang.

Seorang cowok keluar dari mobilnya. Astaganagadiagantengbangetya aduh Seorin.. apa yang kamu pikirkan sih? Kita dalam masalah!

Dia menggebrak bagian depan mobil jinki. Aku dan jinki berpandangan, gaktau harus berbuat apa. Waktu kulihat ke belakang, yah, Jino tidur. Tapi untunglah. Kan gak malu-maluin depan orang

“HEY BISA NYETIR GAK SIH?! LIAT MOBILKU SEKARANG!! GANTI!” ck. Dia marah-marah kayak mobilnya ketiban bis aja. Padahal Cuma kegores..sedikiiiiiiiit banget

“udahlah, kita pergi aja. Orang gila gausah diladenin. Kasian. Ganteng tapi gila..” JInki pun melajukan mobilnya, meninggalkan si ganteng gila itu termangu bodoh. HAHA


Satu jam kemudian, kami sudah sampai di kawasan Itaewon. Aku membangunkan Jino.

“hey.. kita sudah di Itaewon. Rumahmu ke arah mana?”  Jino membuka matanya. Kelihatan linglung sesaat.. baru memberikan petunjuk jalan.

“nah, hyung, dari jalan itu..lurus, baru belok kanan..” kata jino memberi perunjuk. Kami terus melaju sampai jino berteriak.

“Yah, hyung, belok kanan, bukan kiri! Noona kenapa gak kasih tau hyung sih?”

“Ini kanan!” kata Jinki ngotot

“Ini kiri!! Yah noona, ini kiri atau kanan?” kata jino mencari dukungan

“a..aku gak bisa bedain. Hehe” aku nyengir kuda. “aku juga” kata Jinki. Plak. Aku menepuk dahiku sekali lagi.

“Oke, Ini kiri, putar balik kanan hyung!” perintah Jino.

Akhirnya Jinki memutar mobilnya, dan, instruksi selanjutnya Jino selalu memberi petunjuk arah sambil menunjuk arahnya. Tampaknya dia tak percaya lagi aku atau Jinki hahaha

“stop hyung! Ini apartemenku. Mau masuk? Sepertinya Hye yoon noona sudah masak. Pasti kalian lapar” jino tersenyum ramah. Iih ngegemesin banget~ pengen digigit deh pipinya. Sayang, anak orang.

Kami memasuki areal apartemen itu, tapi aku melihat sesuatu yang familiar terparkir disebelah mobil Jinki. Peugeot convertible hitam itu.. seperti milik Gikwang Oppa. Tapi mungkin saja punya orang lain. Toh mobil seperti itu kan banyak.

Jino memasuki apartemennya dengan kunci miliknya.

“hye yoon noona… aku pulang” kata jino ceria. Di tempat sepatu, aku melihat sepatu (yang lagi-lagi) mirip sepatu gikwang oppa.

“yah-Jino-ah. Kenapa malam sekali?”  Noona-nya Jino menghampiri dia. Dan terkejut saat melihat kami

“Jino! Kamu gak bilang mau bawa tamu! Aduh maaf yaa.. kenapa Jino bisa ada sama kalian?” katanya

“oh, tadi dia tersesat di daerah gangnam..” belum selesai aku menjelaskan, aku mendengar suara yang familiar

“ada siapa chagi~ kok ribut sekali?” kami terkejut melihatnya

“OPPA?!” “HYUNG?!” kataku dan Jinki bersamaan.  yeah, itu Gikwang oppa. KENAPA DIA ADA DI ITAEWON ANYWAY?

“HAH? SEORIN? JINKI? Ngapain kalian ada di sini bareng Jino? Masih pake baju seragam lagi”

“OPPA YANG NGAPAIN! RUMAHNYA DIMANA KOK NYASAR KE ITAEWON?! KOK BISA ADA DI SINI?” aku memberondongnya dengan pertanyaan tanpa menghiraukan pertanyaannya.

“oh- kamu belum tau ya? Baiklaaah~ ini pacar oppa yang baru, Cho Hye yoon”

“Loh jadi Gikwang hyung ini pacarnya Hye yoon noona?” kata jinki. Ya tuhan. Masa dia baru sadar sih.

“ah.. iya, aku pacarnya gikwangie.. hehe. Kamu dongsaengnya mm..Seorin?” Hye Yoon unnie menjabat tanganku. Wah, dia cantik. Pantas Gikwang oppa suka padanya

“ah.. iya salam kenal Unnie” aku tersenyum semanis yang aku bisa

“Aigooo.. aku punya dongsaeng satu lagi. Kamu cantik sekali, Seorin-ah” katanya tulus wah, aku jadi malu..

“yasudah, ayo makan, tadi aku masak ayam goreng” kata hye yoon unnie

“AYAM GORENG?!” Jinki yang tadi tampak mengentuk tiba-tiba cerah kembali. Oh tuhan, kubur aku hidup-hidup. Memalukan sekali sih kelakuannya

“hahaha bocah, aku tahu kau suka ayam goreng makan sepuasnya deh. Masakan Hye yoon ini enak loh” aku memutar mataku. Grr dasar oppa. Pasti mau dipuji pacarnya.

Ketika sedang makan, bel di rumah itu berbunyi.

“pasti Kyuhyun hyung~” kata Jino bersemangat dan berlari menyambut kyuhyun hyung nya

Aku gak bisa melihat mukanya, karena cowok itu terus melihat ke PSPnya. Tapi rasanya aku pernah lihat.. seragamnya juga familiar..dimana ya?

“hyung! Aku pinjam PSP nya!” kata Jino. Kyuhyun mendongakkan kepalanya, memberikan PSPnya pada Jino, dan tatapannya tak sengaja bertemu denganku

“KAMU?!” kami berdua berteriak bersamaan. “HEY kalian tadi yang menabrak mobilku dan pergi begitu saja!” katanya protes. Aku melirik jinki, minta pertolongan. KARENA ITU MEMANG SALAHNYA! Tapi ternyata dia sedang berada di alam lain dengan ayam goreng – ayam goreng buatan Hye Yoon Unnie.

“kalian saling kenal?” kata Hye Yoon Unnie

“Noona! Tadi dia menabrak mobilku~!”

“Bukan aku! Jinki!” kataku sambil menunjuk jinki yang…….masih tenggelam dalam dunia ayam

“cukup, cukup. Lebih baik kalian kenalan dulu deh. Baru kita selesaikan urusan ini oke? Kita lihat seberapa parah goresannya” kata gikwang oppa. Mata kyuhyun meyipit todak suka.

“siapa dia, noona?” katanya tajam

“pacar baru ku. Cepat kenalan” Hye yoon unnie dengan nada tak dapat dibantah. Kyuhyun pun menyodorkan tangannya.

“cho kyuhyun imnida” aku menjabat tangannya dengan setengah hati

“Lee seorin imnida” lalu cepat- cepat ku tambahkan “oh, dan dia Lee jinki. Temanku”

“bukan urusanku” katanya dingin. Yatuhan! Benar benar deh cowok ini…

“oke, kyuhyun-ssi, dimana mobilmu diparkir?”

“basement” kami semua pergi menuju basement

“mana yang lecet?” tanya hye yoon unnie

“nih. Kegores banyak banget” fyi: yang dia maksud kegores banyak banget itu goresan tipis halus sepanjang 3cm. hye yoon unnie menelungkupkan tangannya, frustasi


Kyuhyun memutar matanya. “mianhae”

“gwaenchanhayo, ayo pulang” kataku sambil menraik jinki masuk mobil. Hh sepertinya kali ini aku yang menyetir.

“oppa, mau pulang jam berapa?” tanyaku

“sepertinya gak pulang. Entahlah, oh ya Seorin, kalo Umma atau appa telpon, bilang aku ada tugas kuliah. Oke?”

“hmm..” aku mengiyakan dan bergegas pulang.


TBC (out of idea) please kasih ide~~~

Of Rainy Days and The Savior

Title: Of Rainy Days and the Savior
Pairing: Kyuhyun/ reader/ OC (me!)
Length: One shot
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Angst
Summary: A new neighbor who changed your point of view (yes i'm suck at summary)
Warning: UN-BEATED
A/N: dedicated for @ijuuun. here comes our fic comp~! lolololol be sure you commented this!

                I hate rain. Yes, rain always takes me to painful memories of mine. I hate to remember that I lost my best friend in the middle of the rain; I hate to remember that i got broke up with my ex-es always when it's rain. And I'm the one who get the pain, I hate the facts that my name means queen of rain.

I’m sighing hard, whining to myself about those painful memories. And walk the pedestrian carelessly. I don’t even care much when a car splash the dirties into my uniform. I just keep on whining to myself and curse my bad luck. Suddenly, I hear a deep voice whispering to my ear

“Excuse me, miss turtle. Could you be slower than this?” I turn my head back. I saw a man with black coat and black umbrella. He just beautiful. Like a prince on those paintings..

“Could you please move out of my way?” he seems pissed. I step aside, give him a way.

The pictures of that man keep running in my mind. I know he is rude, but I keep thinking of him.

I enter my apartment, and realize that I haven’t changed my uniform yet. It was soaked wet, and of course, dirty. I throw the uniform into the laundry bag. And take a bath then get changed into a pajama. I’m start to feeling dizzy after an hours, curse you, whoever you are who splashed my uniform and made me wet! Ugh, I think I’m gonna fall sick.. I’m lying on the bed, watching some not-so-interesting-tv show.  Until I hear my doorbell ringing.


“Who it is?” I say from my room intercom.

“I’m your new neighbor, do you have a flashlight? I guess there’s something wrong with my electricity” his deep voice is kinda familiar. Ah, just a delusion.

“Just come in, I’m sorry I can’t greet you to the front door. I’m not feeling well. The flashlight is under the coffee table, on the top of newspapers” I shout from my bed room.

I hear the door closed. Hm, it means he’s leaving. I just continue watching tv.

Then the doorbell rings again


“It is you, new neighbor?” well, I know it’s rude to call him like that. But, since he hasn’t introduced himself yet, what should I call him?

“Yes it’s me, thank you for the flashlight. Ah, anyway, you live here alone?” he asks me.

“Yes, I live here alone, why? My apartment looks messy? I’m sorry..” ugh, it’s so uncomfortable to talk behind the door. But I’m too dizzy too move.

“Oh no, not like that. But since you live here alone, and you said that you are not feeling well, is that anything I can help you?” oh such a gentleman

“No thanks, it’s very kind of you …mm…. sorry, what’s your name?” it’s awkward to ask question like that you know

“Aigoo... We haven’t introduced ourselves. May I come into your room? Since it maybe too dizzy for you to move”

“Just come in”

I startled when I find that he is a rude man who called me miss turtle and let me soaked wet because staring to him for a long time (well, lame excuse, I just blame him on my fault :p)

“I’m Kyuhyun, Cho Kyuhyun, I guess we have met just now? On my way to this apartment?”

“Oh- I-I guess you’re right. So you’re my neighbor, huh? You know you seemed so upset just now” He blush. Oh my god, way too cute 

“I’m sorry, I just pissed off because of my lecturer give me a bad marks. And it’s bad, if I’m upset, I’ll be rude to anyone. Seems like you’re the one of the victim, aren’t you?”

“You just called me miss turtle…”

He laughs out loud. I give him my confuse look. And it makes him stop and apologize

“I’m sorry... but you know? Miss turtle is really suited you. Since you’re petite, cute and like a turtle, you like to hide in your comfort place”

I pout. He extents his arm to shake my hand.

“Proper introduce?” I smile. I don’t know why I can’t resist him. Then he pinches my cheeks, but shocked when he feels my body temperature

“You have a fever! No wonder why you look so pale. Have you eaten dinner yet?”  I wonder why he looks so worry

I shake my head. How come you make dinner or even just eat it when you are in the state of dizziness?!

“Okay then, I has some instant porridge in my apartment. You don’t mind an instant food, don’t you?”

“No, it’s okay. You know you shouldn’t have done this” ha-ha, boys will be boys, they really loves everything instant.

“Eyyy... Not a big deal. That’s what brothers are for. No?”  

“Brother?” I tilt my head in confuse

“You know I already treat you as my lil’ sister, because you look tough yet fragile in the same time” really, I feel slightly touched by his statement. We just met each other several hours ago, but why are he so concern? Is this fate? Eeeh. What kind of thought is it stupid turtle?  He said that he just treat you as his sister! Not a lover!

He comes with a hot porridge and a mug of hot chocolate and hands it to me.

“You can eat by yourself, no?”  What kind of question it is…

“Of course I can! What do you think I am? A baby?”

“No...No I’m just assure you can eat it by yourself, or else I have to feed you” my eyes get bigger, I guess he is treat me like a disable person... Not like his lil’ sister.

“No need. Really. Eh are you mocking me?”

“Mocking? Why? Of course not!” he shake his head

“Ugh... Because you treat me more like a disable person” he bursts out laugh, and pats my head

“Can you differentiate between a fever and disability? Have you ever sick before? I just want to assure... I have something to do in my apartment. Is it okay?” he asks me teasingly

“It’s okay, besides, I’m okay now. No need to worry”

“Okay, here’s my cell phone number. Just call me if you need something, okay?” I save his number and give him my number

“You know it’s supposed to by my line. You’re the new neighbor, remember?”

“Well, since you already help me and you’re sick now, you deserve that line. I’ll leave now. Take care”

He smiles and leaves my bedroom. I just can smile, oh god. Thank you.  I finish my dinner and go to sleep.

                The next morning, I wake up at 9 am. I’m still dizzy and such, but it’s better now.

I flip my cell phone. Realizing there’s so many missed call and text message. From kyuhyun, and my friend.


From: Kyuhyunnie :)

To: ms. Turtie :)

Hey turtie, have you wake up yet? You know you don’t need to go to school if you still sick

I smile, there’s three messages from him. and more from my friend

From: Kyuhyunnie :)

To: ms. Turtie

Hey your friend comes to your apartment to pick you up. But I guess you’re still asleep. Reply or I conclude you’re asleep

From: Kyuhyunnie

To: ms. Turtie

Okay turtie, I guess you’re sleeping. Get well soon

I check the messages from my friend

From: BFF~~!

To: Rainy-gloomy

Yo rain haters! I’m going to pick you up. Y’know I have a new boys =))

From: BFF~~!

To: Rainy-gloomy

I’m in front of your door. Are you dead? Come quick

From: BFF~!

To: Rainy-gloomy


From: BFF~!

To: Rainy-gloomy


From: BFF~!

To: Rainy-gloomy


I reply her text. And take a bath

To: BFF~!

From: Rainy-gloomy

He is my new neighbor and he called me turtle because he said that I looked like one. You should tell me what boys =))

From: BFF~!

To: Rainy-gloomy

Keep ur ass in ur home. I’ll visit you after school

To: BFF~!

From: Rainy-gloomy

Only if you bring sweets. You know I’m craving for sweets


Right after I took a bath, the doorbell ring. I see kyuhyun there.

“Hey turtie! Fells better?” he greets me

“Of course, thanks for last night anyway..”

“No probs.. I bet you haven’t had your breakfast yet. Wanna accompany me to a great breakfast place?”

“Let’s go”

                We arrive at the cute coffee shop. Or should I say pancake shop? Because it has various of pancake. And cheese. And sweets. Oh my, this is heaven. We take a seat in the corner of the shop beside the window.

“What do you want to eat?” I look at the menu, and get confuse. But then I made my choice

“One cheese-caramel pancake, caramel pudding, and hot caramel milkshake. Oh with extra whipped cream” I mention my order to the waiter.

“One chocolate cheese pancake, sausage English muffin, and Americano”

“Your order will be ready in 15 minutes. You guys are cute couple anyway. Hope you’ll last long” and the waiter goes to the kitchen. I blushed when I hear her statement. I just hope that kyuhyun didn’t realize it.

I feel someone stare at me. Right, he was kyuhyun. Who else? He stares at me like observing. His forehead wrings.

“I thought you are sick” he says calmly.

“Eh? Well it’s better now. Why?”

“Well sick people doesn’t eat much you know… and you must love caramel much, don’t you?” I blush. Do I look like a barbarian who loves sweet? I stare at the window to hide my blushing face. And realize it’s raining outside. I start to frown.

“Hey are you mad at me? Turtie, don’t get me wrong. I’m just glad that you’ve gained your appetite again” he asks me with worries. Silly. I don’t mad at him

“No kyuhyun, I just hate the rain. See? It’s raining outside”

“I bet you have a painful-unforgettable memory on a rainy day, am I right?”

 “Well.. as you see, that’s right. My best friend even called me rainy-gloomy because yeah, I always gloomy on a rainy days”

Our food is coming; I eat my heavenly delicious pancake and finished them in 5 minutes.

“Wow, you’re not a turtle when it comes to food” he says in amusement

“Only sweets” none of us talk again since the food really have our attention. After we’ve done with our breakfast, we leave the shop.

                “It’s still pouring rain outside…” *sigh* kyuhyun give his shawl to me.

“Here, I won’t you getting worse. It is warm enough? I can lend you my coat..”

“No need, kyuhyun. It’s just pouring rain. And it’s warm enough”

“Okay, just watch your step, the street is slippery” as soon as he said that, I slipped off.

“I told you to watch your step! Oh my, I can’t believe you are so clumsy” Kyuhyun hold me to prevent me bump into the street.

“Here, hold my hand. I won’t let your clumsiness worsen you”

Now we both walk hand-in-hand. I try to hide my face from kyuhyun, I guess my face is as red as strawberry now.

“You know? I think you get your fever back”

“Huh? No. I feel better now. I think it’s gone”

“Then why is your face so red?”

Damn-damn-damn. What should I say to make an excuse?

“Ugh, my face gets redder if it’s cold”

“You just say that you’re warm enough”

“……” I’m speechless. Thanks god we finally reach our apartment. I’m not yet enter my house, when my phone ringing

Jerk #1 calling.. oh my. My ex. What is he want from me now?! I’m trying to move on now, and he dares to call me now?

“Yeah, what do you want?” just snap it out. Everything is just useless when you talk to a rock-head

I see you just now. Walking hand in hand with stranger. Look, I’m sorry for what I did before. Would you be mine.. again?” what kind of sick games that he played?

“You act like ‘sorry’ is going to fix everything”

Listen, I get jealous when you hang out with him and not me. I hate the feeling I get when I think of you guys are together. I’m sure you’re still have a heart break because of me. I’m sorry, can we start it all over?oh here goes the beggar…

Don't worry about me. My heart's not broken anymore. You should be worrying about yourself. Because, as far as I can see, you're still an asshole”

How dare you –?” he’s not yet finishing his talk. I cut him off

“You want to know my answer, sweetheart? Listen, if someone asked me if I knew you. A million memories flashed through my mind and I whispered, "Not anymore."”” I say in a mocking voice

You bitch; you don’t deserve love no wonder if your friend betrayed you and your family throw you away because you just don’t deserve that!

Enough, I can’t stand it anymore. Why this jerk is keep bugging me? I’m sobbing hard, this jerks always broke me into pieces.

“Turtie?! Why are you crying? Don’t tell me you haven’t enter your house since we’re back from breakfast?” I can see his worried face trough my blurry eyes. He hugs me to comfort me.

And I find it. A man who I can leaned on, a shoulder to crying on.

He takes me to his house, gives me a glass of hot chocolate.

“Mind to share your problem?  I know you wouldn’t like if I admits that I’ve been eavesdropping you. Your conversation with...your ex?”

Oh shame. Now he knows that I just have a silly catfight with a jerk.  And I tell him everything, about my problems, memories, and why I hate rain so much. Also, I tell him about that jerk who keeps bugging my life. And he also tells me about his life. His fabulous life, he must be has many people who loved him. I’m nothing compared to him.

“Turtie, Don't let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve what you want. Anyone will start to think so if you feel that you don’t deserve anything. Maybe God put a few bad people in your life so when the right one came along, you'd be thankful” I’m thankful now, the right person is you.. it’s amazing how one word from the right one erase all the painful words from the wrong one

“I’m thankful now. Thank you, kyuhyun, you are the best friend I’ve ever had. You know? Sometimes maybe I want to leave alone, but my biggest fear is if I really left alone” I keep blabbering something that I just can’t understand why I says that

“Don’t you dare to say that we’re just friend” he states out of nowhere

“Eh? You don’t want to be my friend?” I say with a sad voice

“No. There's just something about you that I'm scared to lose because I know I won't find it in anyone else. You're the only one I want standing next to me. Maybe you think it’s weird. But I’m sure of my feelings. And I'm not giving up, because I like you. And I think if you got to know me, you'd like me too” I’m shock. I never expect the he’d feel the same. Oh my god. I’m really thankful

“I don’t think I should got to know you further, kyu –I ” I’m not finishing my line yet when he whisper to my ear

“I said I’m not giving up –“ I cut his word with my sudden hug

“I already like you, kyu..”

“Would you be mine?” he kneeing in front of me.

“I’m nothing compared to you…” he cups my face, and kisses my cheeks

“Don't say we aren't right for each other, the way I see it is, we aren't right for anyone else. Well.. What’s your answer?”

“Yes I would. And you know? Maybe from now on I can forget my hatred about rain. Since this  is the best rainy day memory I’ve ever have” he smiles and hugs me

“I’ll be warm up you in every rainy day”

Just then, I see someone in front of the open door. It’s my best friend. Oh, kyu must be forget to lock his house

“I thought you and him is just a friend” she cross her arm

“Well not anymore. He is my boy friend now”

 “You owe me much… I want the complete explanation!”

“Well why don’t you sit here with us? We’ll tell you the details” kyu suggests

“I bet you don’t hate the rain anymore..” my BFF says



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Of Memories, Love and Reality (3/? )

Title: Of Memories, Love and Reality (3/?)
Pairing: KyuMIn HanChul HaeHyuk YeWook
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG-13
Genre: (err, can you help me classifield this genre? :) )
Warning: genderswitch [Girl! min, heechul, ryeowook, taemin, eunhyuk]  un-betaed
Summary: Sungmin is just an average socialite girl who sick of those fake worlds. what happen when she is trapped with complicated story of the heir of #1 business man in korea? (bad summary, i know >.<)
Disclaimer: i own super junior in my dream *slap*
A/N: i'm sorry for the boring plot >.< and gramatical errors

Previous Chapter

When I flip it upside down, the name turns into…kyu. So it’s right that he owns the same necklace with me, huh?  Damn I have to ask my mom immediately! I just want to clarify all these. I’m getting sick of it. And also, I don’t want to have any business with social snobs like him


RIIIIIIIIING alarm sounds disturb my sleep. I reach my hand to turn it off. Damn, I just sleep for 3 hours last night. Curse you, cho kyuhyun! OH MY GAWDNESS ITS 8 AM ALREADY! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN MY CLASSROOM RIGHT NOW. OH SHIT.  

I hurriedly take a bath, and get change into my uniforms (I didn’t even have a time to put my make up on) without breakfast, I go to school by full speed (I drive the car myself. Leaving the driver dumbfounded in the backyard) when I arrive at school, I see those people who are late are being punished. This means, I’ll be getting the punishment too. Fuck my life! I find a hidden spot to park my car. I still hope that the teacher wouldn’t recognize my arrival. I almost success to settle my car when on the last minute before I step the brake, I feel something crashed to my car’s bumper. Shit, another drama in my life. Great. Oh my, I just hit somebody!

“ya! Are you crazy? Or blind? You don’t know it’s my spot huh?” a man with Chinese accent stand up with anger, oh my! He is Han geng! Oh damn he’s hot

I keep silent. I let him release his anger. He’s cute when angry hihi.  Wth you’re thinking, lee sungmin. Just shut up. Remember, he is the heir of #1 Chinese’s Mafia and belongs to ‘The Holy (bitch) Kim Heechul’

“ya! Are you deaf?” he shouts at me.

I pout cutely “I’m a freshman. I don’t know that this spot is belongs to you”

“Freshman eh? Wow you have a gut to come late at your first day school” ugh, he is so annoying. I took back what I’ve said before!

“shut up!” I shout at him. He startled. Ha, you afraid now?

“wow-wow-wow a brave little bitch, calm down. Don’t be so upset” he says. Tsch, what just he called me? Bitch?  If I’m the bitch, then who his girlfriend is?

“well, you called me bitch. Then what you called your girlfriend? A slut? Huh?”

He seems pissed “watch. Your. Mouth. Little. Rat”

“then leave me alone” I warn him

“you! You’re the one who should leave this place! This spot is mine!”

Ugh! Annoying! “well whatever!” then I leave him


“ya! Where’d you think you can go, young lady?”someone blocked me at the gate of the school. Ups, this baritone-boring voice…. Park myeongsu. Damn, I got chased by the principal

“umm…class?” I act innocently.

“CLASSROOM? WHAT TIME DO YOU THINK IT IS? IT’S 9AM FOR GOD’S SAKE LEE SUNGMIN!” I look away. Please, mr. park. Calm down

“I’m late sir. Sorry. Nah, may I go to my classroom?”

“wait, ms. Lee.” Uh. What again now?

“yes sir?”

“are you sure you already know your homeroom class?” oopps, right. I don’t know yet my class

“your home room class teacher is Mr. Kim Jonghyun. And your classmate is having a music class”

“Ne kamsahamnida sir” then I go to the music room

I’m standing in front of the music room, a bit hesitate. Should I enter the room? But I’ll be in a shame. Since I am late. Oh my.

Someone suddenly open the door. A man, not wearing uniform. This must be Mr. Kim Jonghyun, my home room teacher

“What are you doing here? You’re lee sungmin, right? Come in, it’s alright. We just start the introduction” huh? How can he know my name?  But then I see he bring the student’s data. Complete with the photo

“Thank you sir. Lee sungmin imnida” he smiles at me then I enter the room.

My eyes get bigger when I see my class mates. Kim Ryeowook and Kim Jongwoon are in my class. Great, I promise I’ll never watch romance again since they provide more PDA than romantic movies can serve. Then I see Kim Kibum, my former best friend. She is beautiful, surely. But her beauty is shadowed by nerd aura. Eewh.  The worst is, I’m in the same class with Mr. who-claimed-himself-as-my-fiancée- oh yeah, who else? CHO KYUHYUN. Oh god, am I a sinner? I’d prefer burn in hell rather than followed by him everywhere I go. And the rest, I don’t give a damn. I don’t know them. I see Kyuhyun girrinig, then calls my name

“Min! Hey!  You can sit here” he pats the chair beside him. I look away; pretend to not hear what he just said. Ignoring him to the chair behind him, where a girl-who-look-like-a-doll sits. I approach her

“Excuse me, may I sit here?” I am pointing at the chair beside her.  She turns her head cutely. Literally cutely. Seems a bit surprised, but then she smiles at me

“Oh sure, why not? Kim kibum imnida” she shakes my hand and introduces herself. Well, at least her smile isn’t fake. and she seems friendly, too. Wow. Her name is kibum. I wonder, kibum –the physics chick is used to looks like a doll too. But unfortunately, she chooses to emphasize her brain, not face.

“Your name is same with that kibum” I point my finger at the physic chicks

She smiles cutely “well call me Key then, people call me that” I just smile then turn my head, pay attention to Mr. Kim

“Class! You’ll be paired for this task. You should pick a song, and then sing it with your partner. Okay, start from our class captain, Cho kyuhyun. Who will be your partner?” what? That kyuhyun is the captain of the class? Oh god, you must be crazy to let that psycho man lead the class

Kyuhyun smirks, oh my, his smirks remains me to the bitch Kim Heechul! Uh maybe that type of smirk is a trademark of evil people. “Lee sungmin, sir. We have practiced our song”

WHAT?!  i hold up my hand to give aprotest. But, seems like Mr. Kim misinterpreted that, he takes that as my approval.

“Okay, Lee sungmin, Cho kyuhyun, you have the honor to be the first to perform”

Kyuhyun approaches me, then kneeing in front of me. Ergh, what now? He pretends to be a gentleman? Does kiss a girl forcefully and threatened a girl can be considered as a gentlemen’s manner? I don’t think so. Gosh, his acting just great. “Shall we?”

I roll my eyes. I don’t have any choice. I hold his arm and whisper to him “what song? How come you said that we’ve already practice?” I whisper to him in a dangerous tone.

He stares sharply at me, damn, he is handsome, I can feel my heartbeat beating faster. What the heck are you thinking Lee sungmin? “We’ll see” he says coldly. I pout

“Don’t be so annoying! Just tell me the title!” I whisper.

He tilts his head, whispering “Timeless. I just help you to remember our past” huh? I’d never know the song titled Timeless before.

“You may start your song, Mr. Cho, Ms. Lee” Mr. Kim seems impatient

Kyuhyun start to sing. I keep my mouth in silence


Andwaeyo, nal nohabeorimyeon

Himdeureodo yeogi deo meomulleoyo

Jogeumman deo bol su itttamyeon

 Nameun sarangmankeum useoboltende 

But suddenly my mouth open, singing the chorus unconsciously. Surprisingly, we made a beautiful harmony

Timeless Ibyeoreun anijyo

 Hanbeonui salmiramyeon 

Jigeum urinde 

Hold tight baby, timeless 

I gaseume mudeoyo 

Sunganui yeolbyeongcheoreom 

Jamshiman apeul ppunini

 We both agree 

This is timeless


The flashback of the past rushing in my mind the necklace…the song…OH MY GOSH I SHOULDN’T REMEMBER THAT! I whispering to my self “I killed him it’s my fault...It’s my fault...” Mr. Kim’s panicked voice; “BRING MS. LEE TO THE CLINIC” is the last thing I heard before I lost my consciousness


Chapter 2 Chapter 1


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Of Memories, Love and Reality (2/? )

Title: Of Memories, Love and Reality (2/?)
Pairing: KyuMIn HanChul HaeHyuk YeWook
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG-13
Genre: (err, can you help me classifield this genre? :) )
Warning: genderswitch [Girl! min, heechul, ryeowook, taemin, eunhyuk]  un-betaed
Summary: Sungmin is just an average socialite girl who sick of those fake worlds. what happen when she is trapped with complicated story of the heir of #1 business man in korea? (bad summary, i know >.<)
Disclaimer: i own super junior in my dream *slap*
A/N: i'm sorry for the boring plot >.<


previous chapter

“It’s bitter to be rejected, no?” I’m sure that she still be able to hear my voice. She open her mouth, ready to curse, I guess. I close my car’s door

I don’t need to hear her answer.


I reach my home at 2 pm. It can be considered as early, but i lost my mood for doing anything after being pissed- off by kyuhyun and pissing kim heechul off.

I entered my room. It was pink; yeah i just love pink too much. Changing my uniform carelessly and shoot it to the laundry bag. i decided to took some bubble-bath in my pink (yeah, pink. Again) lovely bathroom. When someone knocked my bathroom door. I grabbed the intercom beside the bathtub, and talk to the outside. “Oh, please, have heard about the word intercom?” “Oh, sorry noona. I’m forgotten” hmm, that’s jinki, my brother. “Oh you are THE LEE JINKI who won the IT Olympiad but forget the function of intercom? Unbelievable.” “Whatever, noona. There’s someone who’d like to meet you. Better you quicken your bath time. He seems temperamental, and I never seen him before. Anywhere” he? Who’s he? Then I heard sound of giggle. Annoying one. “and he’s hot, unnie” It’s taemin. Is they glued or what? Being twins doesn’t mean you have to be together everywhere. Except the Siamese one. “I get it. Now, please leave my room before I finished my bath”

After the bath, my mood slightly rising up. I get change into a pink tee and white cargo pants. Suddenly I remembered that someone is waiting for me.  I go to the living room. And gasp when I find who he is. Cho kyuhyun.

“Have you remember me, min?” I turned back to my bed room. He pulls my arm, again. Oh that gives me déjà vu. “Don’t go, please. You’re really had to remember me” wow. This young majesty said ‘please’? Unbelievable.

“JINKIII..TAEMIN..COME HERE” I shouted as loud as I can. Sunny, our maid, suddenly tell me “miss, use an intercom, please.” She handed me one. I can feel my cheeks blush in shame. Oh my, this kyuhyun guy really makes me losing my mind.

Jinki and taemin come to the living room. Jinki, throw me a mocking gaze and said “whoa, this is really noona who gave me lecture about the intercom? I don’t think so, since she didn’t use that”

I rolled my eyes “whatever, you dork. Listen, have you both ever seen this man before?” I pointed my fingers at kyuhyun.

“dunno, unnie. Why don’t you ask him?” oh, bright idea, taeminnie. But I won’t bother myself to.

“Oh, I think I’ve seen him somewhere..” good job jinki, I know your brain is really useful now.

“Where?” I say, curiously.

“Business journal, 2 weeks ago, page 13. ‘the heir of Cho tech inc. is back to Korea” damn. I’m hoping too much to this kid.

“Not that, babo. But who he is. In my past. He said something about my past”

“Don’t ask them, they don’t know anything. They were not yet 1 when I leave you. Ask your parents” he said, suddenly.

“Yeah, can you see where the hell my parents is? Huh?” I said, sarcastically.

“Well it’s your problem. Ask them. Anyway, where’s your ring?”

Taemin and jinki’s eyes got bigger. “noona!” “unnie!” they said in unison. “what ring? Are this guy is your hubby-to-be or what?” oh my, so noisy.

“Listen, I don’t even know him. okay? How come you conclude that he is my hubby-to-be? Are you losing your logic, huh? Olympiad winners?” I said as I tried to hide my blushing cheeks.

“You’re blushing” ugh, so what kyuhyun? Get lost!

“Do you have any more business, mr cho? If not, please get lost”

“Well, I guess you’ve grown up to be a sarcasm little brat. Lemme teach you some manners”

“Just. Get. Out” my mood keep going down, down, down to the earth

“I give you 3 days, min 3 days to remember me and our past.  Or else.. I’ll tell you everything in a different way, min. I’m sure you’ll hate it” I heard her voice sound so serious. Okay, I thought it’s wiser if I just do what he said. My instinct feels something like don’t-mess-with-him-or-you’ll-taste-the-hell feeling

 After that kyuhyun gone, I tried to find my teddy bear necklace in my jewelry box. I get it. I try to remember everything about this necklace but find nothing. Well, I guess I’ll ask about this to my mother later if she already home.

I hear someone knock my door. Ugh, please, don’t tell me now kim heechul visit me. I don’t want to have any business again with her. “Who’s there?” “Me, unnie. Can you get me in?” oh, taeminnie. “Well, the door isn’t locked” she open the door. And invade my bedroom.

“unnie, didn’t you think this room is too monochrome?” huh? I just raise my eyebrow

“MYOB, taeminnie. If you come here just to give your unimportant comment, get lost. I’m in my bad mood now”

“Because you lost your ring?” I throw her a dreadful graze

“I’m not losing it! Here, take it if you want” I gave her my ring

Her eyes got bigger when she  admiring my ring “whoa, it’s really beautiful, unnie. Is this given by that guy? Oh he must be really love you” she said in amazement

I keep silence. I grab my teddy bear necklace, stare to it blankly

“Mind to share your probs, unnie? You can share it with me” she says, sincerely.

“Whatever. Let’s find a spot to share, okay? But just don’t drag jinki along. He is a mood destroyer”

“Well I won’t. He has a schedule to his singing practice”

I grab my car key. Then drag taeminnie along.

“Wait unnie. Are you sure you’ll go out with that outfit?” I just grab a pink sweater so she wouldn’t talk any longer

“You’re so care less, unnie” she murmurs. I stare at her appearance. Well, fashionable taeminnie, as always

I start my car’s engine, as taeminnie started to nags.

“drive safe, unnie. Or you want me to drive?” she offer

“no thanks taeminnie, you are the worst driver in the world, and you’re only 15”

“You’re talking about yourself, eh? You haven’t got your driving license too”

“Whatever, taem. Just shut up if you want me to drive safe. You know what my mood can do with my driving skill, don’t you?” success! She sealed her mouth.

I turn my iPod on.  And begin to sing in a whisper.

“I think your voice is beautiful unnie, your body is flexible too. I think you’re the most talented in our family. If you trying to be a singer like jinki oppa or dancer like me, I’m pretty sure you’ll be success”

“Stop kissing my ass, taeminnie. I won’t buy it. I just wanna be me. MYOB, kay? Nah, we’re here” we arrived on a cozy café that served many sweet dishes

You have no idea about who I meet in the coffee shop. My Parents. What the hell is they doing here? I see my mom blushing and smiling like crazy towards what my dad’s seduce. I’m gasps in surprise. Then walk towards them. My parent seems drowning in their own world that not even notices me and taem are right in front of them.

“Umma! Appa! What are you doing here?” they turn their head, then greet us.

“Hello sweetie, pumpkin, where’s kitty?” oh mom, please speak something that I’m understand.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t you have something more important than this?” my mom chuckles, then she shake her head.

“We took a day off, baby. Just for us two” then stare at my dad lovingly. Eewh, they’re not even a teenager for god’s sake

“Umma’s right, don’t disturb us please, we’ll be home early. Anyway, how’s your first day in school, honey?” blah, I know my dad just ask me a question that don’t need an answer.

I drag taeminnie along, leaving my parents. Then find a cozy spot.

“Spill it out, unnie”

just promise me you won’t tell that witty Jinki okay?” she nods her head. I tell her everything. Includes that kim heechul accident.

Her eyes get bigger when I finished my story. And she left her mouth open like child with down syndrome.

“taem, please, you look awfully beautiful if you keep your pose like that” I warn her

She fixed her pose, then says with full-excitement “whoa unnie, you’re daebak! I bet you’ll be the next it-girl in Rousseau High!”

I raise my eyebrow. Where is her logic go? “taem, in case you miss this thing, kim heechul just ditched me. How come I’ll be the next it girl?”

She giggling, how annoying. “unnie, you must be forget that your lil’ sister is a genius. Of course I didn’t miss that detail, unnie. What I mean is, you’ll be the next it girl, not the next queen b. you’ll be famous as the queen bee’s rival. Got it?” she says in a bossy-tone

“yeah, but can you solve the kyuhyun problem? I feel like I’m being threatened by him, you know”

She shrug her shoulder “dunno, seems like ask umma is the best solution” after she said that, we both keep in silence. Awkward silence.

“unnie, i think I know who kyuhyun is. But please don’t mad at me” taemin says, nervously

I tilt my head “huh? Don’t be so formal taeminnie. Just spill it. I won’t mad at you”

“I think I’ve seen the picture of you and kyuhyun in umma’s bedroom. You’re only 3 or 4, if I’m not mistaken”

If she just wants to say that, why is she so nervous? “spill it out, taem. You’re hiding something, no?”

“I asked umma about who is he, but umma seems unpleased, she said that he was your friend. But then she didn’t explained it. And she warn me to not ask such a question like that” she explains

Something’s fishy here… seems like I need a smart strategy to make my mother explain who kyuhyun is. Or just make her slip her words, then I can investigate her. Ha-ha


We decide to spend some time for shopping and watch a movie in the mall. Since my parents acknowledge that we’re gone for some fun.


We spent almost 3 hours in the mall. And I’m already tired. But this witty little taemin keep dragging me to accompany her playing dance dance revolution.

“Please unnie, it’s more fun if we do it together! Since we can compare our dance skill” uh, like I have any other choice. I follow taeminnie to the machine.

“nah, unnie, you can choose the music. Maybe it can release your stress” she wink

I choose ‘sorry-sorry’ by super junior. It’s my favorite song to release the stress, and I love the choreography.

The game ends with my victory, I smirk at taemin, who still can’t believe that she just lose to an amateur like me.

“unnie, tell me, why are you so great? I told you, you should be a dancer!”

“Don’t be exaggerate, just a beginner’s luck. Let’s go home. It’s getting late”

 She just shrugs her shoulder, and follows me to the car park. Then, we’re heading home.

We arrive at 10PM. I let taemin parking my car (uh, I’m not that sure, but she forces me) I enter the living room and gasp when I find something…not appropriate. I find my parents making out in the living room. I relief taemin is not coming yet, she can’t see this!

“eewh, you two, get a room please. Taemin will be coming in any minutes”

They seem shocked of my sudden arrival. Maybe they didn’t predict that they’ll scold-red-handed by their daughter.  Taemin join us after a while. She seems so happy. (I just hope my car didn’t crushed anything)

“Uh, pumpkin you’re too much temperamental lately, you should find yourself a lover” umma says, as she try to hide her blushing cheeks.

Suddenly taemin replying “She already have one, umma! Mmmmmph!” I cut her words and give her an eye-signal. But it’s too late. Umma realize what taem just said

“you already have?! Why don’t you tell me?!” she says in enthusiastically

I roll my eyes “it’s a lie. She’s delusional” then I leave them and go to my room


I feel so exhausting. I take a bath then lying in my bed. I’m sleepy but my eyes won’t close. Frustrated, I recall all the drama today. Ugh yeah, too much drama. I also curious (even though I won’t admit it, I’m pretty much curious about who kyuhyun is) my heart tell me to remember him immediately (but it’s pure from my heart, not because his threat) I fetch the teddy bear necklace and observe it carefully. Then I find that the necklace have a little clip. Hmm maybe it can be opened. I press the clip, and the pendant split into two. There’s a name graved on its surface. Min. it’s my former nickname. So it’s mine. But something’s weird here. Why my name does my name engraved involutedly?  I flip the pendant upside down. And amuse at the fact that there is an ambigram. When I flip it upside down, the name turns into…kyu. So it’s right that he owns the same necklace with me, huh?  Damn I have to ask my mom immediately! I just want to clarify all these. I’m getting sick of it. And also, I don’t want to have any business with social snobs like him


i'm sorry, no kyumin moment here ㅠ-ㅠ i'm still working on them.

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